Articles about programming or other thoughts floating through my mind.

Differentiable surrogate functions for optimizing ROC curves
My graduate research project for this year.
Erasable Dependent Types
Erasing runtime irrelevant information while retaining the verification of dependent types.
Row Polymorphism without the Jargon
This obscure class of polymorphism acts as an interesting replacement for subtyping.
Introduction to Algebraic Data Types
What are Algebraic Data Types and what can we do with them?
Introduction to Type Theory
What is type theory and how is it used?
Teaching Computer Science Topics
Introductory articles without the jargon.
Reverse Engineering Super Smash Flash
A new version of Super Smash Flash 2 has obfuscated some things!
Old toy languages
I've made a lot of toy language projects, here's a list of them!
Escape Analysis Optimization
Description of an algorithm to replace Heap Allocations with Stack Allocations.
Golfing with GolfScript
Getting started in CodeGolf with the GolfScript language.