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Polyglot interested in programming language theory and hacking video games.

I use a wide variety of programming languages. I mostly stick to JVM, Functional, and low level languages. I love reverse engineering complex systems.

Comfortable using:


I have quite a few projects hosted on my GitHub.


lang-kotlin-antlr-compiler – Compiler written in Kotlin using ANTLR for Lexing/Parsing and the LLVM for codegen. The language supports Classes, Hindley-Milner Type Inference, and calling native functions. I’m terrible at naming things.

O – Stack-based golfing esoteric language inspired by GolfScript, Pyth, and K. The original interpreter was written in Java, and the current interpreter is written in C. There is also an online playground that has a frontend written in CoffeeScript and a backend written in Python.

lambda – Lambda Calculus Interpreter written in Kotlin. System F is almost completely implemented.


I enjoy modding / hacking video games.

PhaseBot – Standalone Minecraft bot with a turing complete scripting language.

Ore – Repository software for Minecraft Sponge and Forge mods.

Sonic Battle Hack Suite – Tool for modifying various parts of Sonic Battle for the GBA. Written in Java using the JFrame API.

Super Smash Flash 2 Mod Loader – Mod Loader for SSF2 Beta v1.1

Pigeon – Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 modding framework (WIP).


HP Code Wars 2016 – Placed 2nd out of 52 teams.

HP Code Wars 2017 – Placed 1st out of 67 teams.

HP Code Wars 2018 – Placed 2nd out of 77 teams.

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