Jadon Fowler

Software Engineer / System Administrator


Software Engineer adept at many programming paradigms. I am comfortable with the internals of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and I love reverse engineering complex systems.

In my spare time, I enjoy writing compilers and studying theoretical computer science. I am interested in program verification, theorem proving, and dependently typed languages.


Oct'18 - May'19

Voldex Logo

Java Software Engineer & System Administrator — Voldex Services

Java Developer and Linux Server Administrator using the Bukkit API to develop and deploy Minecraft servers reaching 1000+ concurrent players.

Oct'17 - Jan'19

Sponge Logo

Project Manager & Scala Software Engineer — SpongePowered

Manager of the Ore Plugin Repository, an Open Source website written in Scala using the Play Framework that delivers hundreds of files to users.

Jul'18 - Oct'18

Mineteria Logo

Java Software Engineer — Mineteria

Java Developer using the Bukkit API to build an interactive experience for Minecraft users. I primarily focused on "minigames" and other frontend plugins.

Jun'16 - Jul'16

Mineteria Logo

Software Engineer Intern — Anvaya Solutions

Developed software written in Java to transfer information from business cards scanned with Evernote into a Customer Relationship Management tool.

Work Projects


Minecraft Server containing the Factions and Skyblock gamemodes serving over 100,000 unique players.

  • Java
  • Linux, Bash
  • MySQL


Minecraft Server containing the Prison gamemode with a variety of fun features.

  • Java
  • Linux, Bash
  • MySQL

Personal Projects

Ore Plugin Repository

Repository software for Minecraft Sponge and Forge mods.

  • Scala, Play Framework
  • PostgreSQL

Sonic Battle Hack Suite

Tool for modifying various parts of Sonic Battle for the GBA.

  • Kotlin
  • ARM Assembly

Mars Language & Compiler

Includes various aspects from OOP and functional programming including classes, type inference, FFI, and compile time memory management. The compiler contains a test suite and standard library.

  • Kotlin, Java
  • LLVM

O Programming Language

O is an esoteric programming language used for Code Golf. It was inspired by languages such as GolfScript, Pyth, K, and ><>, but it has grown into its own language with many cool features. There is a Web IDE for quick testing and code explanations.

  • C
  • Python, Flask
  • CoffeeScript, Bootstrap


Stand-alone Minecraft bot with a turing complete scripting language (MC 1.8)

  • Java, Netty

Alox Programming Language

Systems Programming meets Verified Programming, WIP.

  • Rust