I'm a software engineer at Moonsworth.
I work on a third-party launcher and modpack for Minecraft called Lunar Client.

Open Source Projects

I dump a lot of code onto my GitHub profile. Here are some highlighted projects that I think are interesting:

O Programming Language is an esoteric, stack-oriented programming language for code golf. Interpreter in C, Web IDE in JavaScript.

Sonic Battle Hack Suite is a GUI tool for patching sprites and story text of Sonic Battle for the GBA. Written in Kotlin using JFrames.

Mars Programming Language is a toy imperative language with simple functions and data structures. Compiler in Kotlin with LLVM, ANTLR.

PhaseBot is a Minecraft bot that can pathfind (A*), break & place blocks, and be controlled by a custom scripting language. Written in Java.

DTT is an evaluator for Martin-Löf type theory. Written in Rust.

MercuryMixin is a plugin for Mercury that remaps Java source code using Mixin. Written in Java.

Ore is a plugin repository for Sponge plugins. Written in Scala using the Play Framework.