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Individual articles covering a topic or my unorganized thoughts.

Erasable Dependent Types

2021·08·11 · language design · type theory

Erasing runtime irrelevant information while retaining the verification of dependent types.

Row Polymorphism without the Jargon

2020·04·15 · tutorials · type theory

This obscure class of polymorphism acts as an interesting replacement for subtyping.

Introduction to Algebraic Data Types

2020·04·14 · tutorials · type theory

What are Algebraic Data Types and what can we do with them?

Distributed Actor Model on the GPU

2020·04·03 · language design

Preliminary designs for a GPU-accelerated, distributed, actor model language

Introduction to Type Theory

2019·11·25 · tutorials · type theory

What is type theory and how is it used?

Computer Science Topics without the Jargon

2019·11·19 · tutorials

Introductory articles without the jargon.

Reverse Engineering SSF2 Beta v1.1

2018·08·24 · modding

A new version of Super Smash Flash 2 has obfuscated some things!

My Previous Programming Languages

2018·06·12 · language design

I've made a lot of toy language projects, here's a list of them!

Modules, Packages, & Versions

2018·06·10 · language design

Discussion of how we can improve dependency management.

Rebuttal for Kotlin

2018·06·09 · language design · jvm · java

Making the JVM a better place.