The Perfect Site

Published Friday, June 8, 2018 · 189 words, 1 minute read.

I have remade my website countless times. I started counting back on October 29th, 2015, and I am now on “version 7”. This might last for a long time, or till tomorrow night. I guess we’ll find out.

This iteration focuses a lot on minimality. My ideal website is something people can look at and say “wow, that’s pretty clean!” I don’t know if I’ve reached it yet but I think I’m getting close. (Or farther away, who the hell knows?) I’ve never been a fan of web design. I understand all of HTML & CSS, I just don’t quite know how to make something look good. I think it boils down to not having a vision to start with. I just slap on styling until I think it’s “done” and push to master.

The “plan” for this blog is to talk about programming topics I am interested in, such as language design and operating systems, but there may be bare minimum posts like this one that just contain my inner thoughts. I guess that is what a blog should be? Beats me.

Let’s see where this takes me!