I have written a lot of software over the years. These are a few highlights spanning back to my childhood.

Significant Projects

alox, a GPU Accelerated, Distributed, Actor Model programming language (WIP, 2019-2020)

mars, programming language with OOP & type inference, targeting the LLVM (2016-2017)

o, programming language for code-golf with a focus on unreadability (2015-2016)

sbhs Sonic Battle Hack Suite, the first tool for reverse engineering & modifying Sonic Battle for the GBA (2015-2018)

PhaseBot, a stand-alone Minecraft bot with a turing complete scripting language (2015-2016)

Ore, repository software for Sponge plugins and Forge mods (2017-2019)

Past Projects


dtt, experiments with Martin-Löf type theory ⋃ erasure ⋃ Rust

pokerus, tool for modifying Pokemon GBA ROMs and decompilations

transitive Minecraft obfuscation mappings for 1.7.10 - 1.15.2 using existing mapping sets

electoral system simulator, experimental population simulation with different voting systems


ssf2 modloader, DAT Decompressor & Compressor for Super Smash Flash 2 v1.1.0.1 beta

sbrx, Sonic Battle sprite editor written in Rust

music-server & music-app using Kotlin & Flutter.

Pigeon, Minecraft mod loader for Beta 1.7.3

lambda, untyped Lambda Calculus interpreter

gamma, primitive Minecraft mod loader for Beta 1.7.3


f2, programming language with a compile time memory management algorithm targeting the LLVM

fisher, Minecraft bot for fishing (1.11)

scum, card game simulator in Kotlin


asmifier, web interface for ASMifier

board, board software inspired by Acmlmboard, written in Crystal

pabot, Minecraft bot written in Kotlin

GolfCaml, GolfScript interpreter in OCaml

Roots, Minecraft mod loader for Alpha 1.2.6

obx, functional prefix programming language

Blargboard, fork of the original Blargboard with many additions


OS, the start of a kernel in C

oot3dhax installer, second-degree Hax installer for 3DS

refract, 2D, stack-based, esoteric language

jvmbg, JVM Bytecode Generator using ASM

owk, compiled, esoteric, golfing, register-based programming language that runs on the fvm

lamb, interpreted programming language akin to Lambda Calculus

fvm, Flower Virtual Machine - Register based Virtual Machine in D

Ocean, Minecraft client mod that adds cheats

6502, tutorials & projects using 6502 Aassembly

minekraft, frail Minecraft client in Kotlin

cod, C implementation of the Deadfish language with some additions

mirror, reflection library for Java

BrutalPixel, 2d pixel shooter game

jaco, custom terminal for Java applications

fql, "flexible query language" that compiles to SQL

JBoard, Java soundboard application


flow, programming language like BASIC

Lemon, open source text editor with syntax highlighting

Quad, another game using LWJGL & OpenGL

PhaseBotIRC, IRC Bot with some neat functions.

MegamanDx, 2d megaman tribute game

3dGame-Test, A test 3D Game using LWJGL & Slick

Velocity, a web game with a little pigeon and gravity

MusicPlayer, Bukkit plugin that plays MIDI files

Apollo, Bukkit plugin for building redstone devices

PlayerPet, Bukkit plugin for player NPC pets

GameAPI, Bukkit plugin for complex minigames

Aether Bukkit, Bukkit plugin that emulates the terrain generation of the Aether mod